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«International Conference on Application of Basalt Powder in Agriculture and basalt fiber for industry
Its advantages as fertilizer for agriculture and basalt fiber for industry»

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The International Conference, under the theme «Application of Basalt Powder in Agriculture - Its Advantages as Fertilizer for Agriculture», will be held from October 10 to 12. This Conference, entitled BASALT CONFERENCE, under the slogan «BASALT - THE WEALTH OF NATIONS», is centered on the application of agrominerals (basalt powder) in agriculture, as fertilizer for agricultural soils par excellence, bringing together some of the most eminent international experts.

Agrominerals in agriculture (basalt powder), the subject of the International Conference, proved capable of having a great impact, particularly in five dimensions:

In the profitability of agricultural production; environmental protection and human health;

In the quality of the food produced;

In the availability of fertilizers for the majority of micro, small and medium agricultural producers, particularly in Africa, given the importance of agriculture in the development of the continent

Of capital importance for Cape Verde, which could enhance one of its most important natural resources (basalt rocks) and strengthen the regional integration of the Cape Verdean economy

Foster, develop and consolidate scientific and technological relations between Cape Verde and countries with accumulated experience and knowledge in the research and use of agro-minerals in agriculture.

«Atlantic Business Forum - Cape Verde a link with markets of excellence»
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The Business Forum will be held, entitled ATLANTIC BUSINESS FORUM, under the slogan: "Cape Verde - a link with markets of excellence", which aims to bring together companies, industries, investors, financiers, importers, exporters, economic operators in general, from all sectors and from all origins, as well as institutions that are bastions of development, focused on high-potential markets and opportunities, as is the case with ECOWAS, the European Union, Brazil and the United States of America.

The ATLANTIC BUSINESS FORUM has 6 objectives:

Establish and energize a business network between Cape Verdean companies and entrepreneurs, involving partners from economic blocks with which Cape Verde maintains excellent relations, such as ECOWAS, the European Union and the United States from America;

Identify and strengthen the mechanisms for promoting economic and trade relations within the framework of the preference systems from which Cape Verde benefits, namely AGOA; SLEC/ECOWAS; EU/GSP+;

Establish and promote a business network involving companies and entrepreneurs from Cape Verde, Brazil and partners in different ECOWAS countries;

Present, enhance, enhance and project a vision of all the Markets in relation to which Cape Verde is a Link of Excellence, namely the markets of ECOWAS, the European Union (EU/GSP+); the United States of America (AGOA) and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA);

Establish and energize a business network involving companies and entrepreneurs, with a view to strengthening and energizing intra-regional trade in the ECOWAS region;

Establish and energize a business and investment network involving companies and investors from the economic blocks with which Cape Verde has strong relations, such as the cases of ECOWAS, EU/GSP+, Brazil and of AGOA.

The BASALT CONFERENCE and ATLANTIC BUSINESS FORUM will necessarily result in cooperation between the scientific and technological sector and the productive sector and, consequently, in the transfer of technology and knowledge from the first to the second, with high benefits for society in general.

«The Atlantic Business Round»
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The Atlantic Business Round that we are initiating results in meetings where suppliers, importers, exporters, investors, companies in general and other entities have the opportunity to promote and sell their products and services to buyers and investors from different markets. Through individual meetings, participants can make deals, export/import and take advantage of new opportunities or create networks to expand their operations to new markets.

Each leader or entrepreneur, through the Business Round, will be able to hold dozens of business meetings on October 15 and 16, 2022, each meeting being prepared in advance, which will make it possible to have concrete results in line with the defined objectives. The Business Round is therefore a space of excellence in which companies research and offer products, services and business solutions to partners already established in their respective markets.

«The Basalt Round Table»
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The objective of the «Roundtable on Integration and Debates» is to allow scientific and technological knowledge and the sharing of national, regional and international experiences in the context of the use of basalt powder in the Fertilization of agricultural soils and its advantages with the aim of increasing agricultural profitability, the quality of food produced and environmental protection.

The Round Table reinforces the emphasis placed on the scientific and technological foundations of « Basaltagem » as an adequate instrument to respond to food security, healthy eating and environmental protection.

The Round Table also aims to provide public and private decision-makers with a set of tools and knowledge that can support policies oriented towards good practices in profitable and sustainable agriculture based on « Basaltagem » technology, particularly in the fields of research scientist; legislative processes; the regulatory and quality control processes of foods produced on the basis of the use of rock powders in the fertilization of agricultural soils.

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Reason 1. New Business and Commercial and Institutional Partnerships:
Participating in an event requires a certain investment, whether to register or register company employees, travel and stays or even be sponsored. For this reason, every attendee of the Atlantic Business Forum or Basalt Conference is looking for a return on investment and, as such, generally expects to conclude deals or Entrepreneurial / Institutional partnerships. After all, it's the biggest return you can expect from an event.

Attending Atlantic Business Forum and Basalt Conference can be a great opportunity to introduce other attendees to what your company or institution does, to connect with potential customers/partners that your company or institution has not yet reached with its marketing, and to generate new sales/business. All participants have a common interest. By participating in the event, it becomes easier to communicate how your products or services can solve a concrete problem encountered by your participating interlocutor.

Reason 2. Optimize the sales process:
Companies that participate in professional events know that it is very common to find a business opportunity for the company (Leads) and persons with whom contacts have been established before. In addition to being a good opportunity to meet the persons with whom your company or institution has only an online relationship, it is also a possibility to strengthen a commercial or institutional relationship with these persons and to optimize the business development process. If you communicate in advance that you will be present at the event, your most engaged potential customers and partners will obviously seek to meet you and therefore the process of achieving sales / business becomes much easier.

Reason 3. New solutions for your business:
Besides the opportunity to close new deals and maximize sales, Atlantic Business Forum and Basalt Conference also present a great opportunity to find new solutions for your day-to-day business and activity. After all, in addition to your company, there are many others who are also there to showcase what they do and how they can offer solutions to common problems. By participating in the Atlantic Business Forum and the Basalt Conference, you will not only be able to discover innovations but also have the opportunity to dialogue personally with the Executives of companies/institutions that offer or are looking for products and services that interest you in order to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of the offers presented.

Reason 4. Knowledge of the client's reality:
Nothing compares to a personal interaction. At an event, great opportunities present themselves for dialogue with consumers, producers, distributors and researchers, and these dialogues can reveal realities and ideas that could not be discovered by analyzing online behavior. The information obtained during these face-to-face meetings can help your company/institution to better recognize the needs of your customers or potential customers and, thus, to introduce improvements to your products or services to offer.

Reason 5. Networking with other market professionals:
The events bring together hundreds of professionals from different backgrounds who have points of interest in common. Therefore, participating in the Atlantic Business Forum and the Basalt Conference allows you to develop market strategies, add more knowledge about the reality of the participants, make effective use of the time allocated and dialogue with other professionals on the main challenges they face in common, to answer questions, benchmarking or updating on innovations, sharing of knowledge with professionals working in the same field of activity.

Reason 6. Learn and update knowledge:
In addition to companies/institutions interested in talking to potential customers about their products, services and professionals looking for networking, face-to-face events also have another fundamental element: interventions by speakers, thematic workshops, thematic conferences, involving specialists who are widely recognized authorities in the fields in which they are currently active, who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to listen to them, know them and share their points of view. Keeping abreast of market best practices, scientific and technological innovations is essential for any professional who wants to succeed in his field of activity. Atlantic Business Forum and Basalt Conference offer this possibility.


Clause 1
Participant and BASALT Conference

The Terms and Conditions outlined represent a contract between participant and the event organizer, herein after referred to as «Organizer», for attendance to, and participation in, the BASALT International Conference, herein after referred to as «Event».

By completing the Event participant Registration Form and clicking the «Send Information» button, participant agrees to the Terms and Conditions.

As the interaction between participants is a key part of the Event, the Organizer has created a specific participant profile to ensure a high-quality experience for everyone.

Clause 2
Event Scope

This event aims to bring together agricultural operators, farmers, agronomists, researchers, specialists in food biotechnology, specialists in composite materials, agro-food industry operators, business associations, chambers of commerce, builders of equipment for the extractive industries, builders of equipment for cutting and polishing basalt as ornamental and decorative stone, importers and exporters of basalt products, environmentalists, nutritionists, financial institutions, relevant national, regional and international experts, and other interested parties to participate in accordance with the programme.

Clause 3
Registration Confirmation

If payment is not received within 15 days of the date of application the Organizer reserves the right to void participant registration.

Upon receipt of full payment, the Organizer will issue a registration confirmation by email within seven working days.

Event attendance without payment is not possible.

Clause 4
Event Documentation

Participant will be provided with a comprehensive Event documentation pack upon arrival at the Event.

Clause 5
Event Directory

Unless participant states otherwise at the time of registration, the Organizer will display participant name and details in the Event Directory.

Clause 6

Representatives of Press and Media will be present during the Event. As such, participant grants the Organizer the right and unrestricted permission to use participant name, image, voice, words and/or appearance as may be embodied in any photo, video recording, audiotape, digital image, and such, taken or made on behalf of the Organizer or its partners.

Participant agrees to release to the Organizer complete ownership of such material and grants the Organizer use of said material for any purpose consistent with the Organizer′s mission. Uses include but are not limited to advertisements, press releases, publications, videos, websites, and any publicity or promotional materials in any medium. Participant acknowledges that they will not receive any compensation for the use.

Clause 7

The Organizer accepts payment by bank transfer, bank deposit or major credit cards. Details are specified on all the Organizer invoices. The Organizer does not accept payment by cheque. Please note:
1. All prices are quoted in Euros;
2. All payment transactions are made in Euro, US Dollar or Cabo Verde Escudo (CVE);
3. For converting currency into Euro, US Dollar or CVE, the reference exchange rate is indicated by the Central Bank of Cabo Verde (www.bcv.cv)

Clause 8

The Organizer advises participant to take a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Participant should ensure that they have adequate medical, liability, personal accident and other insurance to cover them for the full duration of their trip. Participant is responsible for their health and safety throughout the duration of the Event. The Organizer does not accept any liability.

Clause 9

Cancellation by the Organizer
Should circumstances arise outside of the control of the Organizer that requires the cancellation of the Event, participant registration fees will be refunded in full.

The liability of the Organizer in the case of cancellation will not exceed the total amount paid by the participant to the Organizer in respect of the registration fee.

The Organizer strongly advises all participants to take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy. The Organizer does not accept any liability for loss of travel, accommodation or other expenses incurred due to the cancellation of the Event. Further, the Organizer does not accept liability for any loss including but not limited to incidental or consequential damages.

Cancellation by Participants
1. Transfer of a participant’s registration to a colleague: a substitute participant is allowed per registration. Any transfer must be confirmed in writing to the Organizer through helpdesk@basaltconference.com up to 7 business days prior to the first day of the Event.

2. Cancellation of a participant’s registration: Cancellations must be requested in writing to helpdesk@basaltconference.com. Any cancellation must be confirmed by the Organizer by sending an email back to the participant for registration to be deemed cancelled.

Clause 10
Refund Policy

If the registrant is unable to attend, and is not in a position to transfer his/her participation to another person or event, then the following refund arrangements apply:

Keeping in view of advance payments towards Administrative Charge, Printing, Shipping, Hotels and other overheads, we had to keep Refund Policy is as following slabs:
» Before 60 days of the conference: Eligible for Full Refund less € 175 service Fee.

» Within 60-30 days of Conference: Eligible for 50% of payment Refund.

» Within 30 days of Conference: Not eligible for Refund.

For the purposes of paragraphs 2.1 to 2.4, 26 September 2022, Monday, should be considered the first day of the event.

Clause 11
Overseas Applications

If the participant is a resident outside of the ECOWAS and European Union (EU) it is the sole responsibility of the participant to ensure that he has a valid travel visa and complies with all the immigration requirements prior to submitting the registration request.

Once payment has been made, cancellation charges are applied in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

If any participant does not hold valid travel documentation or visa, or does not meet the immigration requirements and is unable to attend the Event as a result, the Organizer reserves the right to levy the full cancellation charges.

For Visa invitation letter, if necessary, please send an email to helpdesk@basaltconfernce.com.

Clause 12
Force Majeure

Except for payment obligations, neither participant nor the Organizer will be liable to the other for damages arising out of delays or failures to perform under the specified Terms and Conditions, if any such delay or failure to perform hereunder is caused by factors beyond the reasonable control of the party so affected.

Clause 13
Entire Agreement

The Terms and Conditions outlined are the only terms governing the registration. Any other terms are expressly excluded.

Clause 14
Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions, please contact us at helpdesk@basaltconference.com or via the Secretariat of the Event.
Please find below the price list and the necessary explanation to register to the International Conference on «APPLICATION OF BASALT POWDER IN AGRICULTURE - Its Benefits as Fertilizer for Agriculture» properly.

Standart registration fee of the nternational Conference on Application of Basalt Powder in Agriculture includes opening ceremony, welcome reception, access to all events sessions, the Events pack, daily refreshments during coffee breaks as indicated in the program, lunches, gala dinner, printed materials of the Conference, final program, access to the «Integration Round Table and Debates». The participation fees are a package which can not be divided. Fees apply to payments received prior to the indicated deadlines. Below fees are in EUR [Including VAT].

Early registration end May 15, 2021. Regular registration end May 31, 2021.

until January 31
January 1 - Mars 15
later Mars 16
Farmers €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Researchers €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Teachers €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Students €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for citizens €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for entities €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
until January 31
January 1 - Mars 15
later Mars 16
Farmers €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Conference attendees €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Conference non-attendees €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for citizens €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for entities €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
until January 31
January 1 - Mars 15
later Mars 16
Conference Registration for citizens €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Conference registration for entities €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for citizens €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for entities €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
until January 31
January 1 - Mars 15
later Mars 16
Option 1 €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Option 2 €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Option 3 €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Option 4 €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Option 5 €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Option 6 €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Companion 75% of social functions cost
Farmers €000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 forconference non-attendees
Welcome Diner
Lunch Guest to Conference and Meals Only €000.00
Gala Diner €000.00
Welcome Tour €000.00
BOAVISTA ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
SAL ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
FOGO ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
SANTA LUZIA ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
SANTIAGO ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees

All cancellations must be received in writing. Cancellations received at the ATLANTIC BUSINESS CENTER office on or before January 31, 2020 will receive a full refund of the registration fees minus a 25% administrative charge. No refunds will be issued for additional activity fees unless the event is canceled. No cancellations will be accepted nor fees refunded after February 29, 2020. There will be no refunds for no-shows. ATLANTIC BUSINESS CENTER is not responsible for cancellations mailed or faxed but not received. All refunds will be issued by Mars 10, 2020. Please select Yes to confirm you have read and understand this policy.


Who can participate in the Event?
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Universities, scientists, research and development centres, academics, students, companies, business associations, farmers, researchers, public and private entities interested in the supply and demand of business opportunities; supply and demand of business partnerships and experts; supply and demand of products (all types); supply and demand of services (all types); supply and demand of equipment (all types), as well as the general public of any country with which the Republic of Cabo Verde has a relationship can participate in the event.

How can I participate?
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To participate in the event «click here» and follow the Steps indicated.

In you need support please contact us by «clicking here».

Where can I get a visa to enter and stay in Cabo Verde?
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Entry visas to the territory of the Republic of Cabo Verde are obtained upon arrival in Cabo Verde, at the airport. For all information regarding visas for entry and stay in Cabo Verde, please «click here».

"See here" the summary of relevant legislation in Cabo Verde. «clicking here».

If you need support in organizing your trip, please «contact us».

Not being a guest speaker, can I present a communication at the event?
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Anyone who is properly registered to participate in the event and wishes to present a communication in the event can do so. However, the theme of the communication should be related to the theme of the event and the communication should be a vehicle for disseminating innovation.

The communication should be sent to the Organization in advance and will be previously evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the event.

In what language can I submit my communication?
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During the event, the participants have a simultaneous translation service in three languages: Portuguese, English and French. In this way, a participant's communication can be made in one of the three languages mentioned above.

How do I organize my air travel to participate in the event?
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The event has an official carrier of the event on all its routes. See here the conditions.

For routes where the official carrier of the event does not operate and the Organization does not make available to you partner carriers, you can and should consult your usual carrier.

If you need support, «contact us».

How do I organise my stay in Cabo Verde during the event?
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The event has a hotel chain which is the Official Hotel of the event for your stay in Cabo Verde. See here the Official Hotel of the event.

The Organization also makes available to the participants of the event a network of Partner Hotels of the event. See here the partner hotels.

The cost of your stay in Cabo Verde is included in the packages, including transfers.

If you need support, «contact us».

Which currencies can I use in Cabo Verde for eventual payments that I will have to make?
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In Cabo Verde any internationally convertible currency can be used. You can use the Euro and the USD, for example, and the Euro has a fixed parity with the national currency of Cabo Verde, the Escudo of CV (1 Euro = 110.265 ECV). In Cabo Verde, you can use the main international credit cards. For more information,consult here

What are the advantages of participating in the event?
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The advantages of participating in the event are numerous. Firstly, there is the possibility of listening to and interacting with some of the most renowned international researchers in the field of research, production and application of basalt powder in agriculture and basalt fiber in industry.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about the relevant impact and effect of applying basalt powder on agricultural productivity, the quality of the food produced, as well as its relevant effect on environmental preservation. This has a far-reaching impact on the growing challenges of food security and on the food security of an African population of over 1.3 billion people, most of whom are young and constantly growing.

Finally, you will also have the unique opportunity to meet companies, business people, potential partners, potential suppliers, investors and potential customers from different countries, namely Africa, Brazil and Europe.





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